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Food in Train

Food Delivery In Train

Some of the main problems faced by travelers is the quality and hygiene of food served in trains. People don’t have enough options to choose from as they have access to a limited menu. Therefore many people prefer to get home cooked food, but that does not last for longer journeys.

Peace Park now has a comprehensive solution to all these problems. We deliver fresh and hot food on your train seat at Panvel & Ratnagiri station of your choice. You also have a wide variety of food items to choose from.

Hygiene – Flavour – Availability

Hygiene – We understand that having stomach upsets is a major problem for people while travelling. Its main cause is unhygienic food served in trains and train stations. We ensure that your food in train is hygienically packed and untouched by hand.

Flavour – Your order comes directly from our restaurant .  We ensure that you receive the food with same flavour which that restaurant is known for. Our Chef are trained by Peace Park’s in-house team to maintain consistent quality of service.

Availability – Your train might be couple of hours late, but our services will never be. It is our strict adherence to the policy of – ‘customer comes first’. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance, which has enabled us to give such a promise and gain the reputation.

How does Peace Park work?

It’s simple! We provide you a list of  menu at the station through which the train passes. We deliver food at more than 100 trains over the konkan rly. Select the  food of your choice and place the order through our website, mobile site or call customer care number. Sometimes you don’t get internet service while traveling. We will be waiting for you at the station with steaming hot food when your train arrives.

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